highlight R syntax in wordpress using wp-codebox

Tal Galili's blog post mentioned that WP-Syntax can highlight R codes. I downloaded the modified version of WP-Syntax in his blog site. The plugin throw an error when activated. I did not try the original version hosted in WordPress.

I found that WP-CodeBox use GeShi for syntax highlighting as WP-Syntax does.I used this plugin when I posted perl codes, but did not found it support R syntax yet.

In Tal's another blog post, I found that the lang tag must use "rsplus" instead of "r".

And yes, WP-CodeBox can hightlight R syntax and it works fine as shown in this post.

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  1. Y叔你好,请教一下,是不是只需要安装 WP-CodeBox 和WP-Syntax这两个插件就可以了?


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