bubble chart by using ggplot2

The visualization represented by Hans Rosling's TED talk was very impressive. FlowingData provides a tutorial on making bubble chart in R. I try to create bubble chart by using ggplot2.

With the dataset provided by FlowingData,The bubble chart was made by the following code.

crime <- read.csv("http://datasets.flowingdata.com/crimeRatesByState2008.csv", header=TRUE, sep="\t")
p <- ggplot(crime, aes(murder,burglary,size=population, label=state))
p <- p+geom_point(colour="red") +scale_area(to=c(1,20))+geom_text(size=3)
p + xlab("Murders per 1,000 population") + ylab("Burglaries per 1,000")

Here is what it looks like.

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