enrichment map

In PLOB's QQ group, someone asked how to change the color of enrichment map in Cytoscape. I am very curious how enrichment map can helps to interpret enrichment results. It took me 2 hours to implement it using R and I am surprised that the enrichment map is better than anticipated.

Now in the development version of clusterProfiler, DOSE, and ReactomePA, you can use enrichmap function to generate the enrichment map of enrichment results obtained by hypergeometric test or gene set enrichment analysis.

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  1. There is a bioC package that can do this called HTSanalyzeR or sth similar


    ygc Hong Kong Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux Reply:

    glad to know it, thanks for sharing 😀


  2. enrichment map的优点是什么?


    ygc Hong Kong Mozilla Firefox Mac OS Reply:

    all visualization functions has their own advantage and disadvantage.

    The one that fits your needs is the best.


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