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auto-complete in ESS

Auto complete is good, it can save you times in typing and prevent typo sometimes.

RStudio now supports function arguments in auto complete. ESS's auto complete is more advance, it supports help page.

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Run remote R in Emacs with ESS

Emacs is a great front-end for most of the command line tools. Although R-Studio is pretty good, I think Emacs/ESS is better. I’ve always used Emacs/ESS to run R, since 2007 on Ubuntu, on Windows, and on my MacBook Pro. It gives me the same experiences across all platforms. I love the way Emacs formatting source codes, and literate programming with Roxygen supported. Unfortunately, ESS does not suport displaying plots in Emacs buffer, which has been supported by imaxima.

As I need to log into the server remotely to run some computationally intensive tasks. I always write and test codes on my MacBook and copy the Rscript file to server by scp command. The Rscript file can be run through screen terminal or using nohup command.

I am wondering is it possible to write R script on my MacBook and send the command to the R running on server directly in Emacs/ESS. After reading the ESS manual, I figure out it is very easy.
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Install Emacs on Mac

package manager


Mac上可用的包管理系统很多,Fink移植于Debian的apt,Gentoo的portage也支持OS X。OS X是基于BSD的系统,BSD有自己的一套包管理系统,如FreeBSD的ports和NetBSDpkgsrc,MacPorts可以看作是这一系列中的一个,不过它并不是OS X原生的,它只是OpenDarwin的子项目,所以和pkgsrc一个样,也是内部解决依赖,真正为OS X设计的原生包管理系统非Homebrew莫属,它会尽量依赖系统里已有的软件。

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最近老收到那个“消灭”文科生的词频页面。好吧,我也来跟风娱乐一下 =,=


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ESS:    Emacs Speaks Statistics

tar xzvf ess-5.3.4.tgz
cd ess-5.3.4
sudo make install

(load "ess-site")

运行emacs按M-X R就可从使用了。

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